About company

Limited Liability Company Rysskiy Rybnyi Mir (Russian Fish World) – the fish cannery plant was founded in May 2000. From the moment of the basis and till present, the enterprise is a producer of canned food from fish, seafood, caviar salmon granular, caviar of different fish. The company started with the production of only three types of products. Today the assortment includes more than 40 items:

  • Natural canned fish.
  • Natural canned fish in oil
  • Canned fish in tomato sauce
  • Canned smoked fish in oil.
  • Сanned seafood.
  • Canned fish liver.
  • Salmon caviar (granular)
  • Сaviar of different fish

Our advantages


Experienced employees

We are building one of the best companies in the fish processing industry, relying on an experienced management team and the professionalism of our employees.

Price - quality

We follow the path of strict compliance with the wishes of our consumers, offering them a high quality product at an affordable price.

Photos of the plant

Production laboratory

Сaviar production

LLC “Russian Fish World” has its own production of red caviar. We use only manual labor under conditions of maximum sterility. Each can is subject to weight control. During the season, the company produces more than 250 tons of red caviar in tin cans and glass jars.

It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of red caviar for the human body. Salmon caviar in its composition combines a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and components that are an integral part of a healthy and strong human body. Red caviar contains vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, various acids, minerals and natural lecithin. This set of components prevents the development of many diseases and is a powerful prophylactic agent

Company awards

Продукция компании «Русский рыбный мир» неоднократно отмечена наградами престижных международных отраслевых выставок.