Canned seafood

The assortment of the company “Russian Fish World” is constantly expanding and, in addition to traditional canned fish, there are such products as “Far Eastern salmon fish stew”, «Cut fish meatballs in tomato sauce”.

We use the highest quality raw materials to produce our canned goods. It is not without reason that the products of “Russian Fish World” have been repeatedly awarded at prestigious international industry exhibitions


Natural squid chopped
without skin
Ingredients: Squid, salt.
Net weight: 250g
Amount per: proteins 16g, fats 5g
Shelf life: 15 months
GOST 18423-2012

Natural pacific salmon ragout
Ingredients: fish (pieces of salmon meat, heads,
fish bellies), salt, allspice, black pepper, bay leaf.
Net weight: 250g
Amount per: proteins 18g, fats 11g

Shelf life: 24 months
GOST 13156-2013

Canned fish meatballs in tomato sauce
Ingredients: fish, pearl barley, wheat flour,
vegetable oil, salt, dried onions, dried carrots, water, tomato sauce (tomato paste, sugar, acetic acid, coriander, bay leaf, ground allspice, ground black pepper).
Net weight: 240g
Amount per: proteins 16g, fats 6g
Shelf life: 18 months
GOST 18423-2012